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Skill Builders

Cubee Craft (paper engineering) -

Scoring Paper

X-acto knives


Vector Art using

Vinyl Master Software


Power Tools

 Tinker CAD 

Using Tinker CAD (, you'll work with three others to design a three-section articulated arm that attaches to a surface with a screw on one end and holds a picuture of your group on the other end.  See pictures for details.  Please follow the critiera listed below:

  • Each section should connect together using a 4mm size bolt that is 35mm long held with a nylon nut.   

  • Section 1 - Attaches to the wall vertically and should have a horizontal hole to accomodate a 4mm size wood screw.  The vertical part can be up to 40mm tall and should be at least 10mm thick in order to support the entire three-segment arm.  

  • Section 2 - Connects section 1 and section 3 with horizontal holes on both sides.

  • Section 3 - Should attach to section 2 with a horizontal hole on one end and on the other end have a vertical slot to hold a pictue of your team!

  • Oveall dimensions of each part should not exceed 60mm long x  20mm wide x 20mm high and should print in less than 30 minutes.






DIY Pez Dispenser!