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8th Grade - VEX Robotics

8th Grade - VEX Robotics  

Playground Circuit Express

Interview with Limor Fried

Overview of Board

Programming with Make Code

Coding for Servos

Connecting Servos to PCE

Servo Mapping

Battle Bots

Stage Beetle Building Directions  

Snapping Turtle Building Directions

Rage Wheel Building Directions  

Hammer Head Building Directions  

Sawfish Building Directions  

Bronco Building Directions  

Rattle Snake Building Directions  

White Rhino Building Directions

Horned Viper Building Directions  

Controller Building Directions  

Three-String Box Guitar

We'll kick things off with a Skype session with maker and author Kathy Ceceri (

What you'll get in your "guitar kit"

  • 6-8 screw eyes (for tying the strings and tuning)
  • 1 Drawer Pull (for bridge)
  • Srings (three sizes) made of fishing line
  • 3' piece of pine for the guitar neck
  • Misc hardware for attaching the bridge and neck to your box

You need to provide the box for the body of your guitar

Ways to customize your guitar:

  • Choose your box (your guitar box as art)
    • Lasercut
    • Paint
    • Create Stickers 
  • Finish the neck
  • Decide how you want to play it
    • Slide
    • Frets
  • Decide how you want to tune it

Avatar Maker Lasercut Image

* In save as .svg file
* Open in Inkscape
* Ungroup - Delete Background - then Group
* Extensions - Color ñ black and white - Threshold Color (adjust to how you like it) then Apply
* Select All - Group
* Center on Canvas
* Save again on USB drive as .svg file (with your name in the file name.  E.g. Jim-Avatar)
* Take USB drive to laser cutter to etch your avatar.