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6th Grade - Micro bit course


6th Grade - Micro:bit Course

Micro:Bit Unit

In 6th grade, we'll be using Make Code for Micro:Bit to Code.  Woven throughout, we'll also learn how to create files for the laser cutter and 3D printer.  


Video - What is a Micro:Bit?

Getting Started Videos (Sparkfun) -

Getting Started -

Getting Started (Sparkfun) 

See: Make Code for Micro:Bit

  1. We'll start with the tutorial on coding a flashing heart.  This is on tutorial on the above link.
  2. Then we'll transfter our code to our Micro:Bit to use it untethered.  

See: Transferring your Code to the Micro:Bit

 See here for link to Micro:Bit Course :

We'll be starting out with Lessons 1 (Making) and Lesson 2 (Algorithms)

Using your Micro:Bit with other hardware components:


  • Hello World
  • Reading the Temperature Sensor
  • Using a Servo
  • Using a Buzzer

Connecting a Piezo Speaker







Video showing how to turn an LED connected to one Micro:Bit on and off using another Micro:Bit!

:MOVE Mini Buggy Kit (for Micro:Bit)