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5th Grade - Physical Computing and Scratch Programming

The main platform we'll be using in 5th grade is the Makey Makey board and SCRATCH 3.0.  Woven throughout the course will be woodworking (including hand tools, the scroll saw, and drill press).  

Copy and Paste the questions below into a blank SeeSaw Note.  

Use the website: and answer in complete sentences in SeeSaw!

  1. What is a Makey Makey? -
  2. Who is the Makey Makey designed for?
  3. What does the Makey Makey kit include?
  4. How does a Makey Makey Classic work? -
  5. Who created the Makey Makey and what do they believe? -
  6. List five Makey Makey Apps for Plug and Play - See:
  7. List ten more cool things you can make with a Makey Makey.

Interactive Poster (a guide for the interactive family tree)

Jay's TED Talk on the Makey Makey

    Programming with Scratch 3

    Makey Makey