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Steindorf Middle School Math Pathway

At Steindorf, we believe all students can learn math at high levels and therefore do not place students on different tracks by offering separate advanced classes. All students, kindergarten through 8th grade, are placed with their grade-level peers in their math classes. This means all 6th graders take Math 6, all 7th graders take Math 7, and all 8th graders take Math 8. We differentiate our instruction within our classrooms and challenge students with an integrated model that focuses on real-world applications through problem-based learning. With this model, a student is afforded the opportunity to learn content based on their project scope and interest level. For example, a sixth grader could be  learning 7th grade geometry content as part of their PBL.

What Does 8th Grade Math Look Like? 

As for Math 8 specifically, the content is guided by both the 8th and IM1 textbooks. To help differentiate learning, all students are also supported by ALEKS, an AI tool that permits students to advance their own learning at their own pace.  

What course will my child take in High School? 

High School placement is based on a number of factors.

  1. Teachers use classroom data to make recommendations for high school placement. 
  2. All students, regardless of their middle school math placement and teacher recommendation, will be tested by the high schools to ensure proper placement.  
  3. Students from Steindorf have been placed in IM1, IM2, IM3/IM3 STEM and Pre-Calculus.
  4. In short, although each student is enrolled in the same course at Steindorf, each student will be prepared for the right course in high school, where it is appropriate to accelerate on different tracks.