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PowerSchool Account Gr 6-8 Parents

Creating a Parent PowerSchool Account (Middle School Parents Only)

  All Steindorf grade 6-8 parents have access to school information (e.g. assignments, grades, attendance...) that pertains to their child.  We use PowerSchool to share this information with parents.  You must have an account to see your child's information. 

This page will give you instructions for both creating a Parent Account on PowerSchool and linking your child's PowerSchool information to your account so that you can access it.  A parent account on PowerSchool will provide you with access to detailed information regarding your child's academic progress and attendance.  

PowerSchool provides you with access to your student's information by following two steps:

Create a PowerSchool account. 
You will create a Username and a Password and use this information every time you log in. 

  1. Go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal  

  2. Click on the button labeled "Create Account."

  3. Enter the parent/guardian account information. Each account must have a unique email address and user name.

  4. Create a password of your choosing.

  5. Take note of the User Name and Password that you have just created, because you will need them to log in to the PowerSchool portal once you click on "Enter".

Link your account to your child's account. 
You will receive in the mail (or may request from the Price office) a confidential Access ID and Access Password that are used to link your account with your child's account. (Note, the Access ID and Access Password are used only a single time to link the two accounts. They are different than the Username and Password from step 1 above.) A single parent account may be linked to multiple student accounts (e.g. if you have a 6th and 8th grader at Price, you can access both students' information from your parent account).

To get started, you will need to have your Access ID and Access Password that were provided to you by Steindorf.  Please follow these steps:
    1. Log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal
    2. Select Account preferences from the Navigation Menu
    3. Go to the Students tab and select Add
    4. Enter the student's name, guardian access ID, access password and relationship
    5. Select OK

To install the PowerSchool for Parents Mobile App:

  • iOS:  In App Store, search for PowerSchool Mobile, enter WGJM for district code
  • Android:  In Google Play Store, search for PowerSchool Mobile, enter WGJM for district code

In addition, below is a video from PowerSchool, to explain the process in more detail.